Guide For Blog Marketing: The Importance Of Blog Design In The Business

Guide For Blog Marketing: The Importance Of Blog Design In The Business

Blogs have increasing in popularity in these years. Many people included me have built their personal blog to share their knowledge, idee and opinion about one or a variety of topics.

Also, Blog is become an important platform to start an internet marketing business. Blog marketing is the term used to describe internet marketing via web blogs. These blogs differ from corporate websites because they feature daily or weekly posts, often around a single topic.

While initially blog marketing was done by placing links and banners on popular websites, now a lot of Bloggers write about their actual experiences on products and services they are used. This aspect of marketing online works better than put a static 125×125 banner on the sidebar, because increasing your visitors trust in your products and services, and increase the chance to turn your visitors into buyers.

Before buying directly from the official site, some people look for product reviews through blogs, and despite some of them isn’t reliable, a good number of bloggers write about how they have reached their goals by using the products and services they are promoting.


Since there are many people who read and start their own blogs, blogs are become the best ways to market a product. The rules is simple: The more traffic you get, the more chance you have to increasing product sales.

Making money blogging can be done by joining to affiliate sure to joining to affiliate networks like Commission Junction and Clickbank, in order to find thousand of affiliate programs about your topic.

Based on offer type, affiliates can earn anywhere from $45 to $55 per commission generated. This can be done in two simple ways: On one hand by placing banners and links to your blog, on the other hand by writing informative and quality content about the affiliate product you want to promote.

One thing that play a big role in affiliate marketing is the blog’s layout and design. Also, with the launch of the new Google Caffeine algorithmic become crucial have a perfect blog design. However, there are other reason because a blog design is very important to your success. Here, I’ve put the main reasons:

  • Make your blog unique : Making attention to your personal branding is become very important to have success with your blog, because people will later recognize your brand from million of blog out there. For example, think about the Google logo.
  • It is relaxing – It is always better to read something on a website with a great design and beautiful images.
  • Make your blog more professional : Usually, if a blog has a nice clean simple layout, with a detailed design, you can be sure that it includes quality content on that blog.
  • It will bring new visitors : When I go on sites like CSS Gallery it includes a lot of beautiful designs. It more probably that a blog that looks good, will be considered on that kind of sites, and will receive new traffic.

Once you’ve built your blog with WordPress(I reccomend WordPress like platform because I use it), you have a default template. Of course, for affiliate marketing you need something done right, and more professional than that. Sure, free is all good, but if you invest some money, you can get a theme more easy to customize, and more professional.

5 Ways To Change Your Blog Design

In general, there are some thing you need to do to make your blog different from millions out there

1. d a favicon

A favicon is a graphic image(icon) associated with a particular Web page. I think that a website URL with icons on the address bar before the website’s url add a professional look to the


Customize the logo 


One of the most important and hard things in managing a website is logo designing. When visitors come into a website the first thing that hits them should be the logo. Website logo represent your brand and idea.  That’s why you need to creating a logo design perfect both in concept and graphic. You can manually edit the graphics of your logo or you can purchase professional looking graphics online for less than $10.

3. Layout and design – Check out layouts background, texture and skins from sites. There are themes that allows you to customize the layouts, change colors backgrounds, change font and much more without having php knowledge. This is crucial if you do not want make you blog look generic like most of the blogs out there. Usually, for my blog design I take inspiration from these web blogs on my same niche:

  • and much more

4. Advertisements – If you plan to make money online with ppc programs like Google Ad-Sense, remember to placing the ads in a position where will not hinder your readers’ ease in reading the latest news on your site.

5. Add an Rss Button –

People love their RSS readers. Add an RSS feeds button into  a blog is the better way to let your reader to keep updates with latest breaking news. I reccomend to add a large button on your sidebar to make sure will become visible to your new visitors.

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