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I’m going to highlight one of the best plugin, if not “the best” for affiliate marketers. Dan’s has released the plugin called ” WP Review Site” which was developed for creating affiliate site. To get a full sense of what this plugin is all about, you can check out the Dan’s Grossman site which includes a comprehensive list of all the features.

What Is WP Review Site 

With WP Review Site, you can turn WordPress into a powerful review site engine, easily creating niche review sites for virtually anything — review products, services, websites, restaurants, hotels, credit cards, beer! This plugin adds star ratings to your comment forms, turning them into powerful Amazon-style customer reviews. Use it to run an affiliate site like Award Winning Hosts or add ratings and reviews to your existing site. This plugin is flexible enough to do any of that and more.

Order Your WP Review Site

I’ve had a bit of experience with affiliate marketing and after tested different landing page or mini-site in affiliate marketing I came to the conclusion, one of the better types of landing page is certainly a review-based website. Why?. I’ve 2 reasons to affirm this:

If there is one thing that persuades your customers to leaving your site, is a poor landing page that offer one or two products or offers. Give visitors the chance to find more than one product, I believe is the winner strategy.

Review-based sites are ranked well from search engines. In fact, it seems that it getting an higher SERP ranking.

How Does It Work: A Clear Example

Here an example that Dan uses to make see as “WP Review Site” runs. Dan uses site as a live working example. I haven’t tested, but I think the site uses the default theme, but you can create a new theme as you could with any WordPress theme.

The Rating System

Personally, I love “WP Review Site” rating system because has a nice design that invite visitors to write a mini guide and give their rating. The script offers a lot of versatility for all your purpose.

Let’s take a look! First, you are able to change the rating position. A simple css allows you to turn them vertical. If you also prefer, you can do run the rating system on certain areas of the site. Another positive aspect of this plugin is that give you the ability to upgrades the script for life.


Installation of Wp Review site is a lot easier than you would think as well. Here are the exact step needed to installing the script:

  • Uploaded the files into your server.
  • Go on the Wp admin control panel, then the plugin section and activated the plugin.
  • You are able to create more then one rating categories.
  • To complete the entire process you take less of 3-minutes.


Today you can get WordPress Review Site to 199.95 $97. If you haven’t ordered your copy it’s not too late, you can purchase WordPress Review Site and you are still eligible for this new offer.


For who want to make money online this plugin is useful for affiliate marketers, but it certainly can be used for other purpose. For example, you can open a site reviewing

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