How To Cloak Affiliate Link, Link Cloaking Plugin For WP

Is no new that affiliate commission theft is a big issue for many of affiliate marketers, due the fact they lose commissions they’re supposed to get.


Imagine the situation…..You’ve started your blog, and you’re looking the better ways to make profits through it. You’ve decided to start making money through affiliate marketing. So, you’ve joined to affiliate network such as Clickbank, Commission Junction, Pepperjam, and so on. Once choosen a profitable affiliate program you go to select your affiliate link, when you notice a long and ugly affiliate link.


So, what can happens now?


Well, once your readers see your affiliate link, they now have the knowledge that there’s a chance you’re only promoting a product for it’s excellent commissions, so they are in serious doubt whether to buy or not.

Have You never Throught To Use A Link Cloaking Plugin?

wordpress link cloak

Cloak affiliate links is become a widely used strategy by affiliate marketers. There are a few ways to cloak the affiliate links, but I think many people should see good value in Link Cloak WordPress Plugin, especially those don’t know how to cut their long affiliate url and want an easy to use system to do it.

If you still have some doubt about the great benefits that link cloaking provide for your business here is a quick summary.

Reason n° 1 – The main reason I always cloak affiliate links to redirect my affiliate niche pages, is because once joined to affiliate network, most of affiliate programs do not take the trouble of cloaking their affiliate links. I’m too afraid of having my commission stolen and lose up to 50% of affiliate commission.

Reason n° 2 – I’m annoyed by the the ugliness of affiliate URL’s and I also think that when someone surf on my site and click on affiliate link, the first thing that they may get is own be annoyed by the long affiliate URL. Link Cloak WordPress plugin allows you to get more click on your links by using real links, not affiliate links.

Reason n° 3 – John Chow and Tyler Cruz have a huge reputation in the affiliate marketing industry and their income reports demonstrate that they have plenty of useful advices to give about this product because use it.

John Chow says: “Google tends to frown on affiliate only sites because they just try to sell you something while offering very little useful information. In the last year, Google and other search engines has gotten a lot better at detecting affiliate only websites and removing them from the search index…they may place less trust in your site.” –

Tyler Cruz says: “If you’re serious about your blog, I highly recommend buying the WordPress Link Cloak plugin. In addition to granting SEO benefits with search-engine friendly “internal” links, WordPress Link Cloak maximizes affiliate URL exposure and eliminates having to “hand-link” keywords when writing blog entries….it is definitely worth it over the long run and will probably pay for itself before you know it.” —

Reason n° 4 – It’s a snap to manages all your links from your WordPress dashboard, and automatically create thousand of keyword links instantly. Watch the video below for a better, more detailed explanation.

Reason n  5 – Create SEO-friendly search results URLs, by removing affiliate links that are penalized by Google. Links can be redirected with any extension or no extension. For instance:, etc.

Once purchased your copy of WordPress Link Cloak Plugin you are able to access to the download area , then have access to lifetime updates of the script. David is selling the WordPress Link Cloak plugin for $77 and can be paid via either credit card or PayPal. Though it may seem like a high price for one plugin, I can safely say that it’s worth the price, at least if you’re serious about making money online.

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