Ultimate Free Footer Pop Up, How I Did Money For Free With Instant Slide Up?

One thing that recently caught my attention on several affiliate marketers is that they are using a pop up alert subscription box on their homepage.

From an operational standpoint, these script generally all work in the same way. Visitors open the home page and display a window that generally includes a subscription box where people leave their name and email in order to download free book, receive newsletter, and so on. I recently saw using this script by guy’s like Yaro Starak or Johnchow in particularly which have a huge reputation in the internet marketing.

However, as I told on my recent article despite, I’ve an eBook to give away for free, I’ll prefer to do not use often of this system because I do not want to irritate my readers too, but also because the windows popup covers the whole homepage once you display it.

to get the same result, recently I’ve tried another system on my my site natural-supplements-tips.com, that works in a different way and is called instant slide up.

I’ve choosen this script for two main reasons. First because isn’t intrusive, and at the same time is super effective. Second, being a slide up, it attracts the reader’s attention too.

You can customize your logo and pick a nice option box to capture leads. Also, you can set the time delayed at 2.5 seconds. According to Rob after 4-6 seconds a user may leave due to lack of interest.

How Can Be Used Instant Slide Up to Improve Your Business

If you’re considering to increasing the subscription-rate, then you’ve an answer to all your problem. Instant Slide up allows you to have the power of a pop-up box without being intrusive to the eye of your readers.

Instead, if you’re considering to earn money by promoting affiliate products, your own products or services, or if you are already doing so, but with mediocre results, then it allows you to increase conversion rate too.

In general you can use Instant Slide up when:

  • You want to increase your subscription rate.
  • You want to grab reader attention
  • You want sell affiliate programs.
  • You want to give away your paid product.
  • You want to make download your free eBook.

Instant Slide Up is very simple to install. Once sign up your account you can start set up any thing you wish into your control panel, and check which features perform the best.

As you can see, I’ve installed a copy of Instant Slide up only in this page to make you see the plugin in action.

How I Used This Script To Make Money Online?

As many of my readers know, I do money from affiliate marketing. Well, do you want to know a little secret?

This magic script allowed me to make many sales too. Look at the image below, this the proof of one of my commissions received.

That is the first sales I received by xtend-life, but I have received other commission as well. No matter if your site is about technology news, health, make money online, and so on, whatever is your niche you can adopt the same strategy I used on my site and make money too through affiliate programs.

Personally, I find limited number of characters, while the overlay boxes can be adjusted to fit content. Also, freezing users is useful try to convince them to option, especially when they leave your site.

Other benefit of this plugin includes:

  • Install in less of 5 minutes!
  • Preconfigured to work with A Weber &
  • You can change the look or color of the slide up!
  • No MySQL database needed!
  • You can add any message you want in the setup!

Pros And Cons Of Instant Slide up

Below I’ve put the pros and cons of Instant Slide Up:


  • Quickly to install, in only 4quick steps you get your plugin ready to use.
  • No Database needed. This simplify the intere installation process.
  • Not intrusiveto eye visitors.
  • Great support.
  • Unlimited Domain License: You can use the plugin on all of your sites
    • Cannot be blockedby browser (unless JavaScript is disabled)
    • Ability to showall the time or once per visitors.
    • You are no able to integrated with Feedburner email form. However, you can resolve the problem by setting a link to feedburner popup.

    Also, I’ve tested his support, and I can attest that is incredible, and once you submit a form, Rob reply within 30 minutes.

    The following video will go into detail.


    While other Footer Pop Up plugins aren’t FREE to use, that isn’t the case with Instant Slide Up plugin. You can grab a free copy of instant Slideup with some limitation. If you want the complete version with all options, then you need to pay $67.00


    Instant Slide Up can be used as an advertisement platform or to promoting a product, but using it as an OptIn is very powerful, since it does capture a lot of attention.

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