5  Ways To Change Your Blog Design

In general, there are some thing you nee to do to make your blog different from millions out there.

1. Add a favicon



A favicon is a graphic image(icon) associated with a particular Web page. I think that a website URL with icons on the address bar before the website’s url add a professional look to the url. There are professional WordPress theme like Thesis theme that allows you to add a favicon in a simple and fast way(look the image). In my recent blog cabinrentalsideas.com I haven’t still added it, but I hope to do it soon

2. Customize the logo –

One of the most important and hard things in managing a website is logo designing. When visitors come into a website the first thing that hits them should be the logo. Website logo represent your brand and idea.  That’s why you need to creating a logo design perfect both in concept and graphic. You can manually edit the graphics of your logo or you can purchase professional looking graphics online for less than $10.

3. Layout and design –

Check out layouts background, texture and skins from sites. There are themes that allows you to customize the layouts, change colors backgrounds, change font and much more without having php knowledge. This is crucial if you do not want make you blog look generic like most of the blogs out there. Usually, for my blog design I take inspiration from these web blogs on my same niche:





and much more

4. Advertisements

If you plan to make money online with ppc programs like Google Ad-Sense, remember to placing the ads in a position where will not hinder your readers’ ease in reading the latest news on your site.

5. Add an Rss Button


People love their RSS readers. Add an RSS feeds button into  a blog is the better way to let your reader to keep updates with latest breaking news. I recommend to add a large button on your sidebar to make sure will become visible to your new visitors.

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