There Is No Need To Give Out Paid Content? The Best 2022 Articles And Reports From The3dtechnologies

One of the biggest debates in this 2022 was whether online content should be free or paid. Should publishers leave their content go out for pay or for free?

Recently, a public statement of the 78-year-old media mogul, Rupert Murdoch has claims a “malfunctioning” of the business model. Murdoch specifically said that “the current free access business model favored by most content providers was flawed.” (Source: CNN).

Despite who have right or not, in blogging there is no need to give Paid Content, because there are tons of methods to get paid without let the content go out for pay.

If you want to know more, here, a brief list of the best 2022 articles and reports covering the following topic:

How To Make Money Online Without Selling Content?

The Best 2022 Articles And Reports From The3dtechnologies

Blog mastermind

Yaro Starak ia “super marketers guru” that has developed Blog mastermind, a mentoring program that allows anyone has a blog to easily to start an own business online and learn every methods to make 5000 dollars a month by doing something they love, be a professional blogger.

Which Affiliate Programs Can You Promote?

affiliate product to promote

Image Credit: Simple pleazures

In this post I wanted to share a few methods on how to find affiliate programs. In a nutshell, I will tell you what are the difference between products with smaller commission and those with high commission. In particular, I will show you how to find big and smaller ticket product to promote.

How To Make More Money In Affiliate Marketing


  • Affiliate marketing
    Affiliate marketing

I love affiliate marketing. In my view, is the better ways to generate a strong revenue stream. You no need to have a lot of traffic to make money by selling affiliate programs. This is the part of affiliate marketing I like. The rule is simple: The higher the commission rate is, the less traffic you will need to meet your revenue goals.

Sell Sponsored Tweets:

Make Money Online with Sponsored Tweets

Recently, IZEA CEO Ted Murphy launched a new money maker services, called Sponsored Tweets. In a nutshell, is a new advertising platform similar to Pay Per Post, but that allows to create sponsored conversations on Twitter.

You can earn money by sending tweet on Twitter. Sure, there are other services offering to pay Twitter users for sending our tweets, but Sponsored Tweets is more professional.

How To Start A Review Blog, Ramped Reviews eBook Is Here


How to earn blog review

Robb is author of Ramped Reviews, an step by step guide that give you details explanation on how to start a review site or blog and get free products for any review.

I read all his book and I can attest that it can save you a lot of time to understand the entire process to do it. Robb is the right person to teach you how do what he done. No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran, Ramped Reviews will help you obtain thousands in free product.

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