5 Warning Signs That Tell You Are To Lose A Client, Reasons Freelancers Lose Clients


you want to be successful as freelance you need to get Long-term clients.

Every freelancer makes mistakes, I know, but losing a long-term client can be traumatic to a freelancing business. So, It’s important to wondering every time you work for someone if you’re doing things right.

Why freelancer loose clients?

Try check if you’ve noticed one or more of the following signs below. This is a list of the most common reasons why freelancers lose clients.

1. Clients are overly critical of your work –  While getting a honest feedback might help you improve your work, some clients go beyond honesty and just complain too much and may even be trying to forces you to leave your job.

So, try to understand the real reasons behind any criticisms you receive. Above all, avoid reacting to criticism in anger or defensively.

2. Payments are late – This is another possible sign that tell you are to Lose a Client. Client might have trouble keeping up with his or her bills and the last thing they want to do is to pay a freelancer.

3. Slow down in the communication – If your client slows down their communication with you this is an indication of trouble.

This is particularly true if a client’s communication style changes for the worse. Your client may have lost interest in the project, may decide to replace you with a new freelancer.

Losing a client that you were counting on for regular work can take many of us from feast to famine in no time.

4. Client is too much kind – Sometime they may compliment you for doing something that you know but they might don’t be sincere.

You could not deserving of a compliment or they may lavish praises on a job that was just okay.

5. You makes mistake – Sooner or later nearly every freelancer goofed up. As results your client is bound to be unhappy and may decide to replace you with a more careful freelancer. If you don’t make the extra effort to smooth things over, you are destined to lose their jobs.

If you suspect that you are about to lose a client or they may be hesitating to contact you because they dislike your work, the best thing to do is to provide unparalleled service. Do your best to become indispensable.

If you think there are other reasons why freelancers lose clients, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


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