Is The Golden Age Of Tech Blogging Over?

We are at a crossroads, which is taking us from golden age of blogging to the post-blogging era.

Among the various things that we will see changing in 2012, one is certainly blogging. This does not mean that blogs are dead, but more generally, is web publishing that is changing. It is the nature of the blog.

Some have already figured out. For instance, according to Jeremiah Owyang, the blog of the future will have these characteristics:

An opportunity for new stars to emerge.Yet, the rise of personal brands will be harder.New models to emerge, long form content not the only way, and finally.

A new mix of media will emerge.

Let’s dig even deeper to identify where we should expect to see innovation from.

Blog Today And Tomorrow

Blogs are usually the work of a single individual, often with only one point of view for each blog. But today the blog – at least those of a certain level – have a lot of collaborators, sometimes with very different views on individual issues.

This was to build the blog around a celebrity is finished: look, for example, what happened when Engadget’s Topolsky and Patel left site last March. It’s true that traffic is drop down initially, but then they’ve recovered.

 Short or Longh Content?

Today, people are always in a hurry and do not have time to read, while others are lazy,, so an 600-1000 words article might be considered too long to read(even fi it is good). Same goes for the video: 3-4 minutes is the maximum time we can devote to them.

Feed Are Changing

CNN:Tech, has placed in the queue to its pages 6 different feeds on technology blogs. Certainly one of the main beneficiaries of the change was Mashable that now sees its contents on ABC News,CNN, Forbes, Metro, USA Today and Yahoo News. Expect to see similar things in the future.

Finally, there’s LinkedIn and Facebook with its feed and its many social media tools that allow you to personalize the news in different way.


The last but not least, mobile and custom publishing. The first one, increased enormously in the last year, and this represents a challenge for content creators. The second one, pubblisher creates a series of white papers on request of the sponsors, which can become an excellent sources of revenue.


Bloggers and online publishers will be forced to permanently leave the clichés of the “text + photos posted on a web page” and experiencing new things. Personally, I bet on the “mobile + social + video”, and you?

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