Social Value Of Blogging In 21st Century

In ancient time that means in 20th century peoples write the diary to express their feelings. But writing diary is an old idea in 21st century.

People write the blogs to express their feeling and to share with others. Now days each and every company and peoples want to be famous, they all want to increase their social values.

The organization uses these blogs to get publicity so that the market and social value of the organization increase. Blogs provides one of the best ways to get social value. A blog writer can attract more and more peoples to read their blog. There are many famous personalities like Mr.

Amitabh Bachchan (one of the famous actor of Bollywood) write the blog. The different writing style can give you more social value like Mr. Amitabh Bachchan write the blog in Hindi. By writing the blogs people can show their creativity to others.

Some people having great knowledge but just because they are introvert in nature, they feel shy when they get opportunities to talk in front of crowd. But the writing of blog provides them a new ways to share their knowledge so the world will remember them.

There are many advantages of writing blogs:

  • Provides social currency on communication platforms and increase the traffic of your web site: As we know the search engine rank plays a vital role in popularity of a web site. Companies hire professional SEO so their web site can get higher rank on search engines rank.
  • As much higher rank they get the popularity of their web site increase and they can reach to a large crowd. They will get more opportunities to sell their products. The blogs provides creative ways to the SEOs to they can get daily update on their web site due to this they will get a higher search engine rank and popularity to their products.
  • Wide range of career opportunities:Most of organization hires the professional blogger to write blogs for their organization so that more people will know about the organization. These companies pay a huge amount of money to these blogger. Some writers are using blogs to publish their articles, stories, poetry etc. so more people will know about them.
  • Blogs are a deep ocean of knowledge: Now day’s students use the blogs for study. They make their notes from the blogs. Some of brilliant student writes their notes on blogs also so that other will get help. They shares the link of their and others blogs also on social networking sites so they can help their friends.

Peoples share their experiences of life to share their happiness with others. Companies share the information about the new products they are going to launch so they get the publicity. And as we all know that without publicity and marketing no organization can sell their products.


In few words we can summaries that blogging is a new way that provides blogger both the things (Money and Fame) that anybody wants to get in their life. Blogs are ocean of knowledge and they provide one of the best ways for marketing the products of any organizations.

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