The Flow Of Twitter Around The World

Digital cartographer and social media expert Eric Fischer has put together data from Flickr and Twitter to create a series of fascinating visuals illustration of what global flow of Twitter’s information looks.

He has posted a map on his Flickr profile that show as million Tweets flow through the Twittersphere and what are the continent with the highest concentration of Tweet.

By combining Geographic and demographic statistical data, Eric Fischer has created this map that illustrates both the physical movement(of people) and that of the Tweet.

In this picture, the green lines represent physical movement, while the purple lines indicate a user’s @replies in one location to another.

The combination of these two streams of data has allowed then to generate the complex pattern represented by the white lines, you can see below.

The higher the number of times that the purple and green lines intersect and overlap, the more higher is the concentration of Tweet in that area and denser the white canvas obtained.

The combination of the two flows has therefore allowed us to observe the global traffic in a charming way.

One more surprising feature of the Fisher map is the data of Twitter traffic in and out of Indonesia.

In fact about 21% of Indonesians are on Twitter, and this percentage makes it the nation more active and present on Twitter.

Among the possible reasons Indonesia has so high number of Twitter-Addicted is due the highest number of inhabitants.

In fact, the nation has about 240 million people, and thanks the cheap access to mobile devices help them increasing this number.

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