The Best 10 URL Shortening Services You Cannot Do Without In Affiliate Marketing

Milions of people are currently using short URLs on their website/blogs and social media like Facebook, Google plus and Twitter.

Affiliate marketer use these management tool on daily basis too. You might pick one shortener URL and use it to track your affiliate links.

But what is a URL shortener?

It is an online application that allows anyone to add a full URL for any specific web page, and automatically shortens a long URL link in to a short one. Usually they have 5 or 6 character code.

For example, imagine you want to share my latest article: “Stop Online Piracy Act: What If SOPA Gets Approved? – Video Plus Infographic“ to your friends on facebook, Twitter or other social networks – which you can visit with this long URL

Professional Affiliate marketers use URL shorteners to make very long affiliate links shorter and prettier or to track clicks on the links, or both.

Perhaps you’re unsure of which URL Shortening Services you should use, or which are the difference. Below I just listed some of my favorite ones that you can use to shorten web addresses for emails, forum posts, blogs or even when sending an address to a phone via SMS and character count is limited.

1. – This URL shortener is a tool provided by Google. Being part of Google, you do not need to have an account with them to use it.

Anyway, if you want to have the history of clicks and links you should create an account.

2. – Is part of HootSuite. You can track your links once you’ve joined Hootsuite for free.

3. – is a part of Clicky Web Analytics. So, before to use it you must have an account with them.

4. – Is my favorite and probably the most known short url tool out there(7 million URLs are shortened via the service each day). You can use it without registering. However, if you want to build your URL history(and I reccomend it), you need to logging in.

5. Tiny.url – Is a free shortener that you don’t need to register for. You can’t monitoring your click but it will let you customize the short version of URL if the “custom alias” hasn’t been taken by someone else.

6. – This shortener is connected to StumbleUpon you must create an account with them to use it. Registering an account is free.

7. Share-a-sale shortener – Is a great tool you can use for Shareasale affiliate links. Shareasale is a big network with products for any niche and most of the merchants over there will even have deep linking options (linking to specific product rather than the home or sales page) so you can really put their shortener to great use.

8. – Is a free service for shortening web addresses and other URLs.

9. – is a short URL service from Mister Wong. Use to shorten long URLs for easier sharing with friends on Twitter and Facebook, over email or IM.

10. budurl – BudURL is the only service to provide integrated short URL services, QR codes, and mobile landing page management into a single platform.

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