How To Create Income Online: How To Make $200 Easily Online


 face it, there are better to do in this game than to make money only through pay per click programs.

Many young internet entrepreneur want to get out from their boring work, out of their cheap apartment, out of credit card debt, they might even have need urgently. But they don’t take action.

They think that there’s just need to start a website or blog, place 2-3 banners ad on each of their page and wait to get money fast. It’s no so easy. Make money from ppc programs requires effort, constance, a lot of patience. However, there are other ways to create an income online.

Let me make you an example. Two days ago I reveal to my Facebook friend Saugat that I earned $200 from a new business I recently started. So, I thought to share with you my little story about my success.

Recently, I found a new niche that allowed me to make an additional income stream online. The concept sounds simple enough, but I find a lot of people, actually going and finding a niche market proves to be a very difficult task.

This technique I’ve used for this experiment and that I will explain below, is called “bum marketing“. It have its advocates, and in my view is one of the better ways to make an amount income without spend a cent, or just buy both a host service and a WP theme.

In general, the main factors for get success with this method are:

  • Choose a right niche
  • Creating a good landing page and website.
  • Choose a good article directory
  • Constance
  • A lot of patience
  • Knows about your product
  • Working as little as 1 hour a day
  • A bit of luck

How To Make $200 Per Month With A Site

Before to find out this method in details, let me list the main point you need to learn. In particular:

  1. Searching For A Profitable Niche
  2. Natural Supplements. What Is? Natural Supplements Affiliate Program
  3. Create A Strong Landing Page And Website
  4. Choose A Good Article Directory

1. Searching For A Profitable Niche

One of the best “secrets” to have success with internet marketing is that to search for a profitable niche.

Not much of a “secret” now, is it?

There are many niches that always pull in the mega bucks. In these three years like affiliate marketer I’ve tried a lot of different niches, and I can attest that not all niche work well, or worked well with me. Sure, the niche “make money online” is good and allows you to make money, but not like other profitable niche such as “natural supplements” or “weight loss”.

So, today I want tell you more about my recent experiment with this first niche.

2. Natural Supplements. What Is? Natural Supplements Affiliate Program

The niche I’ve used for this experiment is“natural supplements”. Natural supplements products are used for many purpose. They can be used to boost overall health and energy, to improve performance in athletic and mental activities, to provide immune system support and reduce the risks of illness and age-related conditions. They include vitamins, meal supplements, minerals, herbs, natural food supplements, sports nutrition products, and other related products used to boost the nutritional content of the diet.

For my site I’ve choosed like affiliate programs Referral commissions are generated through the sale of any of Xtend-Life’s products.

Whenever you refer a visitor to an Xtend-Life website and that visitor places an order, your affiliate account will automatically be credited with a referral commission of 17% – 20% commission on non-loyalty orders and 9% – 10% for loyalty orders.

3. Create A Strong Website And Landing Page

The“. The site has a clean and simple layout and design because I’ve used a WordPress Theme called “Frugal“. I choose this theme because let me create a page that seems like a landing page. The purpose of this guide isn’t that to explain how do to start a site from scratch. If you want to learn how I did to run my site, I reccomend you to download my free book.

Also, I built a strong landing page called ““. A landing page or sales pages has as the main purpose to sell something, generally a product or service.

To build a strong landing page you need to studying every fact of the design of your landing page. You need to find some way to lend it credibility.


Take a look at my sales page above. If you don’t know how create one, you can try build your sales page by merely imitating what I done. All you need to do is to tweak that page and adapt it to your subject.

4. Choose A Good Article Directory


I have done a good job of build a strong site, then you’ve only won half the battle. Now you need to drive the potential customers into your site. There are many ways to generate traffic, but I think many people don’t know the real potentiality of article marketing and what you really can do with it.

The rule is simple. Once you get your articles into the first page of Google search results(at least Top 10 results), you increase your chance to get your articles clicked. Of course, the first results are better.

Once I wrote articles about natural supplements products and added links to my website from articles I submitted to mainly article directory called “Articlebase“. Your aims isn’t that to get your article clicked by people that search into the directory, but is that to make sure your articles will be indexed by Google or other search engines. That it! The more article you write the more chance you have to get sales.

I hope you found this article helpful and maybe a bit of inspiration for your next business online.

Good luck!



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