How To Write An Article In 30 Minutes?

Do you know that write 400-500 word article takes me only 30 minutes of my time. It’s true! This article will teach you, how I do this.

As you know, if you want making money blogging, you need to write every day. There’s no way to fake it. If I don’t do the work, the money doesn’t get done. Sometime you don’t have enough time to do it. So, the only way is to cut some minutes of the time you take for writing any blog post.

Many of my blog articles are actually less than 500 words, and write take me less time. The following 4 tips are primarily about how write articles in 30 minutes or less.

– Create a list of ideas – Usually, I do a list in point form. Once ideas come to me, I use a pen and paper and create my list of ideas. New ideas will always come, so i always carry a notebook for ideas and once ideas come to me, then I add it to my points. When they do not fit with the angle of  article I’m writing, I reduce the number of ideas that I cover. Remember, writing is the easy part, coming up with the ideas is the tough part.

Save good ideas for later – As I say before, sometimes ideas can not be always used for your article, so if you have many article deadlines to meet, let few good ideas for later.

Check first to publish – Before to finish an article, usually I revisit it for a few time. I spend at least 5 minute to check any possible issues.

Write bullet point – One strategy to write article in 30 minutes or less is to using bullet point. It’s a great technique that could save your time. I use bullets to highlight the important points of a topic, but using short and concise bullet point is a great strategy if you want people to read something, make it.

I often write 3-4 articles for my blogs, these strategies allows me to write so quickly, and write a few articles each day. We could probably add a lot more to this list, so if you have other points, please lets me a comment below.

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