21 Things You Have To do For Selling Products On Your Blog

Whether you plan to monetize your blog or not, the sheer time, effort you spend on your blog will make you want to monetize it. One great way to monetize your blog is to sell products through it. However, you’ll have to generate trust and credibility in your audience in order to promote and sell products, as explained in the following 21 tips

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Creat Excellent Contant

Create great content and precede them with clever, attention-grabbing, benefit-driven headlines. The primary objective of this exercise is to generate curiosity and a reader following. Product advertisements and promotions can come later.

Post Content Regularly

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Blogs that are updated regularly, following a predictable schedule are usually preferred by readers. Being regular makes your blog sticky, and gives people a reason to come back to your blog time and again.

Create Varied Interest

If you run out of article ideas, organize polls, contests, quizzes and debates on the latest news and updates in your industry. Offer a product samples, free publicity and other freebies as winner rewards. This makes your reader base expect unexpected variety and interest at your blog.

Do Market Research

Listen to what your potential customers are saying. Find out what kind of products might be welcome. Evaluate what kind of products is being sold in your niche. Identify specific product types that you might be able to successfully sell on your blog.

Market Your Blog

Get your content out there on Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace and so on. Get your readers to subscribe to RSS email feeds. Tempt readers to visit your blog by offering discount coupons, gift certificates and other temptations as contest awards.

Network With Other Bloggers

Join networking groups and participate in their discussions. Visit other blogs and post intelligent and value-add comments. Promote other blogs and ask them to return the favor. Attend networking conferences. Give more than you take and your reputation will be gilt in gold.

Optimize Content For Search Engines

Invest in SEO tools to find out which keywords people use to find content. Adapt the latest SEO techniques and tactics to your blog. When you do this and provide great content and varied interest, you’re bound to start reaping good web traffic.

 Build A Fan Following

Encourage repeat visitors; these are the ones who’ll be your first customers later. You can accomplish this by offering unique content for free, sharing your industry expertise and experience, and building personal relationships with them.

Create An Exclusive Club

Offer ‘club membership’ to your repeat visitors. Get them to sign up for newsletters to access password-protected special posts, content and offers. This will create a core of interested readers, people you can convert to paying customers later.

Build Trust And Credibility

Make sure that both other bloggers and readers view you as a trustworthy subject matter expert in your niche area. For example, if your blog is devoted to jewelry, take a course in gemology to backup your knowledge. Let your posts reflect the quality of your knowledge, selfless sharing and credibility.

Weave Product Promotion Into Content

Introduce a blog or two every week talking about the merits of specific products, and invite reader response. Put up specific Ads, not just in your sidebar, but in the middle of valuable, related information. Don’t overdo this or you will lose your reader loyalty.

Blog About Selling And Buying Products Online

Ask readers to contribute their feedback about their online shopping experiences. Talk about your previous product selling experience on your blog, if any. Talk about the purchases you’ve made online and why it’s good to buy from a reliable, trustworthy subject matter expert than from random sellers.

Promote Yourself As A Seller

Having established yourself as a subject matter expert, make it look only natural that you’re progressing as a seller of value-add goods. Discuss the products you’re planning to sell on your blog and ask your readers what kind of products they’d like to buy from you.

Put Up Product Pictures And Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words. Display pictures that can be magnified and moved around within a 3-D frame. Put up product videos including running commentary. If your product is jewelry, fashion, home needs or similar stuff, pictures and videos can help seduce your buyers.

Introduce Products Slowly

Once your market is prime for your products, introduce a small range on your blog. Evaluate customer response. Don’t focus too much on sales initially.

Describe Your Buying Process

Remember, people will hesitate to buy from a site that’s not been established as an online store. Share information on your secure payment channels, product return policies, product wrapping, delivery mode and timeframes and so on to build trust.

Invite Reader Questions

Describe your products’ origin and quality. Explain why your products are better. Then open the field for questions. There’ll be apprehension in your readers so be prepared for some deep questions and some negativity. Take the time to answer each question thoroughly.

Offer First Time Purchase Discounts

Offer good discounts to those who’ll make their first purchases on your blog. This will always pull in some people. Find creative ways to entice readers to buy your goods.

Fine Tune The Technology

Invest thought, money and resources into establishing the best payment gateway that you can. Test your payment gateway and delivery process by asking your friends to order your products online. Use the best technology you can afford to build a smooth interface for the buying process.

Ask For Testimonials

Ask your first time customers for testimonials. Get him or her to describe his or her experience on your blog. Soon other readers will be asking questions and commenting. Nothing works magic for a business the way a customer testimonial does.

Be Accessible

Remember to keep your communication open at all times, be accessible over phone, chat and through your blog.

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