How To Start Analytics For Tweets

We all know about the power of social media networks. If you are running your online business then you will definitely want to promote it online as well. There are different social media websites on which you should create your accounts so that you can promote your business on these websites. If you are using Twitter to promote your online business then you must also want to analyze the success of your online marketing campaign.

The good news for you is that, there are different applications and tool that can be used to analyze the tweets. Once you tweet something through your twitter account, it is visible to the time lines of all those people that are following you. If you want to analyzes the success of your tweets then there are a few cool tools that you can use.


Archivist is one of the best and finest tools for tweet analyses. This tool will give you a complete insight of your tweets, their activeness, and re-tweets that were generated in result of that tweet by you. By these results, you can easily analyze your marketing position and make your plans in accordance to that.


This is another unique and stylish twitter application. This application will show you the success and progress of your twitter campaign but the results will be shown in photographs instead of graphs.


This is a cool network exploring tool. With the help of this tool you can explore different networks that can be useful for you to promote your products and services online. Sometimes, this tool may become a little awkward when you have to navigate through it but in the long run, this is an awesome application.


This is a twitter trend graph sketcher. We all know about twitter trend. If you want to write about something that is in demand then you can use twitter trend tool to find out what world is looking for today. With the help of Trendisitic, you can get a graphical description and visual of different trends on twitter.

5K Twitter Browser

If you want to find out the followers of your followers then you can easily use this tool for this purpose. However, you will see names of the profiles but there will be no links at all. You will have to write the name in twitter and find that particular user. If a username is long then it may not be visible completely in search results.

Twitter Counter

With the help of this tool, you can track the growth of your own twitter followers and not only that you can also track the growth of others as well.

Visible Tweets

If you want to search tweets that are based on keywords or usernames then you can sue this tool. This tool works as a screen saver that shows tweets instead of photos or videos.


As you can get an idea from its name, tweetstats is the statistics application for twitter. With the help of this tool, you can analyze your tweeting style and make it more convenient according to the need of time.

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