5 Adsense Tricks You Cannot Do Without

If you’ve done a good job of building your blog, pulling your readers with magnetic contents, then you’ve a great chance to make money from Adsense.

Adsense program is become the easiest way to make money from a blog. Sure, it take time and efford to make a 4-figure income, but for those want to make additional income from their blog, there’s nothing more easier than add a piece of code on your blog and getting some nice income from it.

Of course, as each thing, you do need to know some key strategies to optimize your ad banner and boost your conversion. So, below I listed some useful tricks to add to your Adsense experience. They each have their advocates, and they can all work.

1. Colors and font – When you choosing the Adsense ad background, match them to the exact color of your page background. For instance, if your web site background is yellow, then your ad background is yellow, and so on. As you’ll notice, in my site, I’ve choose #ffffff as background color, as my ad background color, as well.

Also make sure to choose the colour of your banner headlines the same of your page headlines. Latest but not least, use the same ad text font of your pages.

2. Keywords – Creating a list of the most popular keyword through keyword research tool such as Keyword Discovery and put them inside your web pages. Adwords advertisers will pay high for high keyword.

3. Ad unit – Using 5 link ad units wherever possible. They could increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) than regular ad styles. If you want to check all the AdSense ad formats, click here

4. Integrate, integrate, integrate – Make sure that the Adsense banner be integrated into the page of your site. You can see an example directly on this page. As you can see my 300×250 Adsense banner put inside this article, it look like a regular part of my article.

5. Channel – Use custom Ad Channels for each of your ad placements, for example, “Top 5 Link Unit Blue Palette” or “Left Side Navigation Image Skyscraper” etc. Monitor and measure as growing your results through these custom channels in order know what gives you the highest CTR. If you don’t test you don’t know what ad formats and colors will work better than others.

I hope you found this article helpful and maybe a bit of inspiration for your next adsense optimization.

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