How To Avoid Invalid Clicks On Adsense?

Today I gave a look at Google Adsense official blog and I’ve noticed that Google Adsense Team shared a post that explain us a very important tip on how to avoid invalid clicks on Adsense ads. And this can be done by any Adsense publishers who owns websites.

It was noted that invalid clicks most likely to occur if the Adsense is placed near the flash games. Based on their research increasing the distance between the flash games and the Adsense ads resulted to a long-term positive effect on ads CPC. So, if you have flash-based games into your blog, then keeping the right distance of the Adsense ads from these element.

However, the tip can also be applied to any websites that are not of the flash-based games. If you just keep the right distance away from page element, especially the navigational controls, the Adsense ads result will have a long-term positive effect on ads CPC and minimizes the invalid clicks.


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